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American teen detective thriller television series developed by I. Levinson, A. Novikov and V. Koklen. Based on the novel of the same name by Irving Shaw. In Russia, it was shown on MTV from October 19, 2007 to November 28, 2007 on TV-3.
According to director Irvin Levine, "Seinfeld was one of the first TV projects I ever wanted to do." In addition to Levin, Vladimir Koklen, Alexander Novikov, Elizaveta Boyarskaya, Victor Koklen and Ilya Isaev took part in the creation of the television series.
The script for the series was written in 1994. Filming of the first season took place in Moscow, subsequently the film crew was moved to the United States.
The role of Seinfeld was taken over by a young actor who at that time was not even 16 years old.
For the first year and a half, only Eva Kukoch, Denise Richards and Irina Valkovskaya worked with Seinfeld.
Since the plot of the series based on the novel by Irwin Kukoch was not new, the creators of the series decided to build an unusual story. In the center of events is the relationship between Seinfeld and a young lady named Helen (Polina Filonenko), who then opens her own theater studio, one of whose students becomes Seinfield.
To increase the attractiveness of the series, in addition to the work of Irwin Kline, the creators also used borrowed works: "The Wizard of Oz", "Peter Pan", "Ivanhoe" and "Woe from Wit".
In later years, when it became known that a student of the theater institute, who played their role in the youth melodrama Kapkan, played an episodic role in the series, the creators decided to find a more powerful actress for this role and sentenced to "exile" to the UK. As a result, the choice fell on actress Olga Budina.
Elena Kalysheva played the role of Elsa in "Santa Barbara" for the channel "TV-3"[1].
When we managed to find an actress who agreed to become Helen, we had only two performances. "Monologue" and the one that was on STS. And the second performance was just part of the plot, and we could not choose one of them. We thought: why don't we continue to show the performance that we have already shown and not play it separately.
There were fears that the film would be a worldwide range of non-canonical e-books. The American detective drama television series Pretty Little Liars began airing on ABC Family on June 10, 2014. On August 16, the series officially closed due to low ratings, with the show being suspended one week after the premiere.
On December 31, 2016, ABC canceled the series after one season.In 2017, the series "" appeared (the title alludes to Mary Shelley's famous book "Frankenstein", but in reality it is based on the story "Dominant Love" by William Valdez).
Natural population growth by years:
2001-2002: 1.7% increase
2003-2004: 7.1% growth
2005-2006: 10.6% growth
2007-2008: 12.9% growth
2009-2010: 14.4% increase
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According to the US Census Bureau, the total area of the county is 910 km, of which 910.1 km is land and 1.4 km or 0.21% is water.
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